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The Sixth Kondratieff


This presentation shows you the consequences of the 6th Kondratieff
on technological, economic and social level.

In the past, 5 Kondratieff cycles were scientifically proven: Steam Engine [1], Railroad and Steel [2], Electro Technology and Chemical Industry [3], Automobile and Petrochemical Industry [4] and Information Technology [5]. Each of these cycles has turned the world upside down. This presentation points out why Digital Transformation is the 6th Kondratieff and what it means for markets and industries. In other words, I tell you  figuratively the lottery numbers of the next 30 years.

Please Start Prezi and then start the presentation with ? on the bottom left.
The presentation runs automatically and you hear the voice of the presenter.
You can also use the arrows to scroll the presentation forward or backward.

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